friday morning everywhere
phil hargreaves and glenn weyant

I've communicated with Glenn on an internetty basis for some years via the website, and he was the moving force for 'Blind Chaos Free Dada' (whi 005), so a more elaborate exploration of our various sound worlds seemed like a natural and comfortable development. In case you're curious, the MO for this was that we each sent the other some solo/seed recordings including environmental recordings of our two locations. We then played along with them, manipulated them and generally do the things that people of our ilk are prone to do, and then posted them around and back till we felt we'd finished. In this event, i got to do the finishing off; the voices went on near the end of each track, and it was my decision to go for shorter pieces. Many of the things that we'd ended up with were 20-30 minute-long pieces that evolved gradually over time. I've got no problem with that, it just wasn't where my head was in that timeframe, and as i was being allowed to play dictator, that's what i dictated. For myself, i feel it makes a more listenable CD: live i might make different decisions, and in fact next year i might, as well - that's the nature of the project. Even though it was recorded, we're improvisers, and as such i (and i think we, as well) tried to keep to the spirit of improvisation, by respecting earlier decisions, and not over-interfering with the flow, letting the sound dictate the direction. Hopefully, as a result, it's a record of the time it was created in, and the people who lived in those times.

We've taken the decision not to charge for this recording, so it's available as a free download in MP3 format, AAC  or lossless FLAC, via the good offices of the nice people at Bandcamp. This is a 'pay what you like' arrangement; if you insert £0 into the box, you won't be asked for card/paypal details. 


friday morning everywhere 







phil hargreaves: voice, flute, cello, programming, found sounds

glenn weyant: kestrel 920, prepared guitar, piano, found sounds

recorded in Liverpool, UK and Tucson, Arizona, 2005-7

all tracks by hargreaves/weyant

Downloads are handled by this is a 'name your price' arrangement - feel free to name a price of £0 if that's what you want (in which case you won't be asked for card or paypal details). Or to name a higher price, if that's what you think it's worth. As things stand, the only take out of that is PayPal fees: the rest goes to offsetting whi music's costs, and if there's any left over, to the musicians involved. One benefit of using Bandcamp is that there is a lot of flexibility over formats: the album is hence available in most, if not all, of the popular formats, including lossless formats that are CD quality, as well as allowing free streaming of tracks.

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Do Not Sing

Do not sing
Do not sing to me
Yes, my window is open
But it is to admit the cool night air
Not your lying songs of love.

Your voice is firm and not unattractive
Your horse is strong between your legs
But my father sleeps with a gun at his side.
Would you sing in daylight, without your dishonest friend, the moon?
Would you face my father's gun, should he awake?

I thought not.

So, if I listen at my window,
It is for the gentle breeze, and for the song alone.

A Door is Open

A door is open
A door that should have been closed
Yesterday, in daylight, you were safe
Today there is an open door.

To the superficial eye, nothing has changed
Objects hold their positions
And the door - the door can be closed again.

But in reality, the night has flowed in and around them
And nothing can ever be quite the same again.


I am sitting on the bus and listening to her apologise.
I do not know who she is, but she is sorry.
Sorry, she says. Sorry. Sorry.

To the Singer

And is that all you can do? Sing?
The world has more pressing needs,
And more than enough songs already.
Do your songs feed the hungry?
Is injustice corrected thereby?
In an economy of dreams, you mistake songs for a viable currency.
If we could eat songs, you would be forgiven.
As it is, you might just as well leave the air undisturbed.
Sometimes, yes, all I can do is sing.
Only the dead leave the air undisturbed.
A world without songs would collapse, rotten, into itself.
In the face of corruption, of crime described as virtue
As the loathsome ascend the throne
At least I have my song
To proclaim that hope survives.

Summer Again

Are you sad?
Sad at the ending of Summer?
If you are still, if you sit here long enough,
It will be Summer again.

Grass will cover your feet
Bindweed will enfold your body
You can watch the snow melt and the bulbs flower.
And yes, at last, the sun will shine.
On brown, bare legs as they enjoy Summer
For the first time.
Fresh-minted for them.

Questions for the War

- When did the War start?
Do you need to ask?
You have always know us?
That should tell you what you need to know.
-What is the currency of War?
We will use whatever is there.
It was inevitable that one day we would use geometry.
- Are there casualties?
Of course there are casualties.
The War will discard those it cannot use.
-What of Peace?
The enemy is implacable and ubiquitous.
Understand this earlier, and your life will improve.
- Who are the enemy?
This you do not need to know.
Merely ensure that you do not become one of them.
- What can I do?
You can no longer go to war.
If the War does not need you, be grateful that it is there.
When the War has need of you, you will be told.

I Will Move

We are lying in a graveyard
Caressed by the sun, the quick among the dead.
The whole world becomes still
And turns until we are at its centre.
Soon I will move, and spoil the moment.